Siach Hasadeh


Siach Hasadeh

Released 2012

Music has since the beginning been a part of Jewish divine expression and a means of attaining higher states of connection. To this end many beautiful and inspired songs, dveykus niggunim, have been composed by the holy Rebbes and sages of the Jewish people.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught that music is the main means by which two separate entities can become united. That in picking the good notes from the bad ones, and the good winds from the air column of the instrument, a musicians can show everyone and everything in its best light.

This album is the fruits of a year of experimenting with this repertoire, in a minimalist, improvisational way, with just clarinet and bass, and sometimes percussion – to let the melody speak for itself, and express the original intent, while allowing for the personal expression of the players. Drawing from the traditions of Modzitz, Breslov, other chassidic traditions, as well as the piyutim of Iraq, Morocco, Turkey and others – the repertoire is vast and beautiful.

Yoni Kaston, clarinet
Joel Kerr, double bass
Daniel Fuchs, violin
Gaël Huard, cello
Francois Landry, percussion

Album design by Avia Moore

Buy it here. Also available at CD BabyiTunes


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