Joel Kerr is a Montreal-based bassist, composer, arranger and bandleader.  He is involved in several creative projects, and is immersed in Montreal’s jazz, world and soul music scenes.

Joel’s second album, False Dawn (2015) is a throwback to the musical explosion of the late 60s and early 70s, but with the influence of modern sounds such as indie rock, contemporary classical music, and R&B.  The ensemble features Kenny Bibace on guitar, Andrew Boudreau on Fender Rhodes, Mark Nelson on drums, and Mireille Boily on vocals.  Buy it here

Joel’s other projects include The Key-Lites (soul), Siach Hasadeh (new old Jewish music), Bean (experimental jazz), and The Firemen (country). As a cross-genre sideman, Joel performs with several artists, including Moe Clark, Lamia Yared, and Marie-Claire Durand. With these groups as well as various other ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to rock bands, Joel has toured extensively across Canada, as well as in the US and Europe.

Joel holds a Master of Music in Jazz Performance degree and a Master of Library and Information Studies degree, both from McGill University.